Car Technologies That Came From Racing

I bet you didn’t know that the different mechanics that we have in our cars came from racing. I just found this out yesterday, so I thought that it’d be pretty cool to share it with you.

New & Used Transmission
Here in the United States, more people use an Automatic & Used Transmission compared to a Manual Transmission - which makes sense because I think that driving a Manual Transmission is hard. The purpose of a Transmission in a racecar & the purpose of a Transmission in a regular is completely the same: it translates the engine's power to the car's wheels.

An Automatic New & Used Transmission is built to shift gears with no input from the driver & a Manual Transmission actually lets the driver control the flow of the power from the engine to the wheels.

If you really do know about racing, then you know that it’s best to have all of the four tires keep contact with the track. This makes the car more stable and also makes sure that all of the power the engine creates is helping to move the car along. The suspension in a racecar is designed to keep the car stable through the turns that generate more force than a typical production car.

When it comes to the suspension in your car, it’s designed to balance both comfort and performance.

Since car racing teams have realized how important their high performance tires are, car manufacturers have decided to do the same: the technology from racing tires has been shared with different tire manufacturers that we use on our cars.

If you haven’t noticed, the tires that you have have grooves on them. These grooves are there to channel away water, snow, and even slush.

Disc Brakes first appeared on racing cars around 1950 - of course these Brakes are a little more intense compared to the ones that we have on our vehicles. The Brakes on racecars usually generate a lot of friction & heat; this is the heat that reduces the stopping power of the Brakes .

The Ceramic Disc Brakes have been used on racecars for some time; now, they’re showing up as options on some luxury sport sedans.

Engine Air Intake
Here’s something that you may or may have not known: engines usually give their best performance when the air that hits them is cold. The reason why is because the cold air thickens the air / fuel mixture that the engine burns. As different drag racers throughout time have used superchargers and ram air intakes to improve the way their engines breathe, different automakers have adapted the technology for their cars.

Exterior Design
Who would’ve thought that the way a car looked would affect the way it performed? Since racecars usually go extremely fast, race car engineers have designed spoilers and air dams to keep the cars stable at the high speed they’re traveling at.

Since these designs looked good on racecars, automakers decided that they would look good on their cars - the designs weren’t so dramatic though .. as you can imagine.

I have no idea about you, but I think it’s amazing how regular automakers like Nissan and Toyota can take something so big and use it to their benefit in order to sell cars. I don’t think it’s really stealing since they’re both in the same business - what do you think?