I have no idea what Crankshafts are .. hence, I’m writing this article to inform you & myself about them. Crankshafts - which are sometimes simply called “Crank” - is the part of the engine which “Translates” reciprocating linear piston movement into a turning motion. To make this happen, the Crankshafts have something called “Crank Throws”.

This can usually connect to something called a flywheel; it reduces the pulsation characteristic of something called the “Four-Stroke Cycle”. Sometimes there’s even a torsional or vibrational damper at the opposite end so it can reduce the torsion vibrations that are often caused along the length of the Crankshafts by the cylinders that are the farthest from the output end acting that’s located on the torsional elasticity of the metal. I know it’s a little confusing when you first start to understand it, but what isn’t?

Usually, taking care of a car is pretty easy; just change the oil, the tires, & just listen for weird noises, right? I think most manufacturers let you know about everything but the bearings on the Crankshafts .

The bearings on the Crankshafts support the actual Crankshaft - which is one of the major components that helps the engine rotate. The bearings even have to reduce the friction that occurs between the rotating Crankshafts and the stationary engine block. That’s how they typically bear most of the damage over their life span .. which should be pretty long if you take care of them.

Crankshafts & bearings can usually wear out because of other engine tasks; this makes it pretty impossible to predict how long they’ll last or just give up on you. If it’s under “Ideal” conditions, then you shouldn’t have any major problems & they should last you indefinitely; and even if this may be the case, since they’re typically made out of copper & some other lead compounds, they’re prone to have a variety of weaknesses. The most & foremost important thing is lubrication. As long as you have an even and steady flow of clean oil, the bearings on the Crankshafts will be just fine. If the oil starts to get dirty or if the supply is somehow cut off, then that’s when you’re going to have some problems in your engine and in your wallet.

There is a number of reasons why Crankshafts can wear out. Sometimes it’s due to too much heat, too much pressure, metal-on-metal contact, or even because it dries out when the oil is leaking - which can scratch the bearings. Most of these problems are pretty common and are even sometimes signs of other problems that the car has. Not a lot of people can tell when they have the major problems with the Crankshafts in their vehicles, but if you even have the slightest thought that there might be some sort of problem with the oil leaking, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s something called “Premature Wear” inside - so you want to get it checked as soon as you have the chance.

If Crankshafts are losing oil because it’s not sealed right, you’ll see a black puddle in the middle of where you’re parked. When you turn on your car & leave it running, that’s when you’ll smell the oil burning as it’s dripping on the hot manifold. After this, it can only get worse .. which is something that none of us want, right?