Different Types of Bumpers

There’s different car on the street, right? So there’s different types of Bumpers that go on the different types of cars.

-There’s Standard Bumpers that come on most cars like Honda & Toyotas. These Bumpers are not so fancy & don’t really require a lot of attention.

-There are Deep Drop Bumpers that are also known as Cowboy Bumpers. These Bumpers are usually found on older trucks & are also chrome plated. Deep Drop Bumpers have a heavy-duty towing capacity. They also have a lower ball height than your regular step bumper.

-Roll Pan Bumpers are usually found on trucks that are custom compact. The trailer hitches that are available will usually sit in the middle, but behind the bumper.

-Step Bumpers are usually seen on trucks & SUV's. There’s a small cutout in the center that looks like a step. These Bumpers even have holes for hitch balls & can be used for towing trailers .. but only the ones that are lightweight !