Driving in the Winter with Snow Tires

I think that all of us can use a little help and some advice when driving in the most dangerous season of all : winter ! I really don’t like driving in the winter here in California - even if I do have the best snow tires on my car; it’s just not for me. It’s too cold - I hate the cold weather. Here are some tips for driving in the winter on those snow rims & those winter tires that you get.

1. Don’t drive in the winter while you’re tired ! You should always get the right amount of sleep before you drive; period.
2. You should never start your car and warm it up in an enclosed area - like your garage.
3. Be more than positive that your Used Tires are inflated properly and at the right psi.
4. You should never ever mix radial tires with other tire winter rims or winter tires - just please don’t.
5. You should always keep that gas tank of yours at least half full so you can avoid gas line freeze up - even at these ridiculous gas prices; just do your best to keep it half full.
6. If it’s at all possible for you to do, don’t use your parking brake in the cold - at all.
7. Don’t ever use Cruise Control when you’re driving on surfaces that are slippery.
8. No matter what, always look and steer before you want to go the direction that you want to go.
9. Put on your seat belt right when you get into your car; that’s probably one of the most important ones - we don’t want anything happening to you.

It’s usually different when you go on long-distance trips:

1. Be sure you watch the weather reports and even do your own research on the weather when you plan on driving long distances.
2. Make sure your winter wheels and your car is in the best driving condition before even thinking about driving in the winter.
3. Never over exert yourself if you end up having to push your car somewhere.
4. Be positive that your exhaust pipe isn’t all clogged up with snow. When you have a blocked exhaust pipe, this can lead to deadly carbon monoxide gas to leak into the passenger compartment while the engine is still running !
5. If it’s at all possible, run your engine and the heater for just the right amount of time to reduce the chill and to conserve your gas.

If you do decide to drive in the snow with winter wheels on that monster truck of yours; here are some important tips that you should follow:

1. When you accelerate and decelerate on your snow rims or used tires, do it slowly.
2. No matter what, drive slowly when driving in the snow - even if you have the best snow rims in the business ! Leave early considering it takes longer to get somewhere when the roads are covered in snow.
3. Know how well your brakes work. The best possible way you can stop is threshold breaking. This means you should keep the heel of your front foot on the floor and then use the ball of your foot to apply a steady pressure on the brake pedal.
4. Just stay home if you can.

I have never ever driven in snow, but I can only imagine how hard it really is and how dangerous it can be. If you follow these easy tips for driving on your snow wheels in the snow, then I’m sure you’ll be safe and get from Point A to Point B in one peace and in one piece.