Five Different Ideas For Fuel

I think that we all have ideas when it comes to putting something other than gas in our Fuel Tank - and we’ve all heard everyone’s else's ideas. What people don’t really know is that there are more crazy ideas for energy sources than your typical corn and sugar ideas. Are you ready to learn about them? I sure hope so.

5. Cats That Have Fallen
I didn’t want to just be blunt about it, so I hope you understand what I’m trying to say .. There was a German newspaper that had a report in 2005 stating that there was an inventor that had developed some sort of fuel system that could be powered by different garbage .. including felines that were deceased.

Of course, like all weird stories that are put out there, there is an ounce of truth to it: Dr. Christian Koch had developed a machine that was able to convert garbage (i.e. paper, plastic, yard waste) into real biodiesel fuel. The whole dead-cat thing was then researched and stated to be scam that was made up by a pretty creative writer.

4. Beer
Some of you probably got excited about that one; then again some of you probably don’t want to waste something so precious on gas for your Fuel Tank . It’s not really beer, per se, but it definitely is something that you can brew with your own two hands. Ethanol can actually be made by fermenting sugars, kind of like whiskey. And, a car can run on pure ethanol .. all of the racecars do it.

The only problem is that not a lot of people will put in the effort to make the Ethanol.

3. Sawdust & Wood Waste
If you didn’t know, the typical U.S. saw mill processed 7.1 million board-feet of lumber in 2001 alone - which I think is a lot. This means that there’s a bunch of sawdust roaming our earth. If we want to convert it into fuel for our car, we can. We can send the sawdust to a plant where they can burn all of it and then they can use that heat to generate electricity.

What’s cool is that this idea is already being put into practice in Nigeria!

2. Dirty Diapers
This is probably as gross as the first one .. but hey, it works. There’s a process called pyrolysis that allows for garbage to be turned into fuel gas for people’s Fuel Tank . When it comes to diapers, they’re good for pyrolysis because for one, babies are going to keep on using diapers so we won’t run out. Secondly, we can separate them easily when we throw away garbage.

I’m sure you have enough diapers to give you two full tanks of gas.

1. Solar Paint
It’s not regular paint that you use to fill up your tank, it’s some sort of special solar paint that’s made to capture the energy of the sun. Swansea University engineers are already working on something like a “solar panel” that can be used to the steel panels that are already used to cover many buildings. The interaction that the sun has with the paint and the underlying steel surfaces can usually create a current that can be captured and diverted.

So .. which one is your favorite idea? I personally like the one with the diapers. I have a little sister and I see those all day - it’s not a pretty sight.