The 6 Most Common Fuel Filter Problems

Most people on the road have Fuel Filter problems; I know this because the most common car problems are Fuel Filter issues. The filter serves as the cartridge in the fuel line that’s installed to take out any dirt from the gas that you put in so it can flow clean & properly to the engine in your vehicle. When it comes to screening out the things that aren’t supposed to be in the fuel, your filter can sometimes get so soiled and even clogged that it can’t “do its job” the right way; which means that you don’t get clean gas & end up with a bad engine. This can end up affecting the way your car performs & give you a bunch of unwanted & unnecessary problems. Not to mention it will burn a major hole in your wallet ! You might as well get a new car, but I’m not going to suggest that just yet.

No one wants & no one needs Fuel Filter problems, so here are the six most common signs that you should look out for & the signs that can help you diagnose them & fix them before they get extremely bad.

1. When your car / truck / van doesn’t start.
If your Fuel Filter is so congested that it won’t let the fuel flow into the engine, then your car will just object to starting in the morning when you’re running late for work. You have to remember that the only way your car will start is if the fuel is there and ignited inside your car engine.

2. When it’s hard to start your car.
Sometimes the Fuel Filter has a lot of dirt in it; this can restrict the flow that fuel is supposed to have to the engine & can eventually cause problems when you start the car. Since the Fuel Filter isn’t completely blocked, there will be a little bit of gas flowing so you can have enough to start the engine. Even if this is the case, you should get your Fuel Filter looked at ASAP.

3. When your engine “hesitates”.
When your Fuel Filter is dirty & filled with dirt, this can be another problem that you may have. This only happens when there isn’t enough fuel flowing to your engine; like mentioned above.

4. When your car goes slow all of a sudden.
It’s okay for your car to act normal when you’re going at a high speed, but if you start having problems when you’re slowing down, this may mean that you have a Fuel Filter problem. When you travel at a low speed, the Fuel Pump pressure isn’t strong enough to give the engine the proper amount of fuel.

5. When your engine dies out.
If you have a dirty Fuel Filter , your engine can stall .. while you’re driving. This can most likely happen when there is an uneven flow of fuel through the Fuel Filter .

6. When there’s rough idling of the engine.
You can get a rough idle by having too much combustion from a damaged or a really soiled Fuel Filter that blocks the normal fuel flow to the engine. It can also happen if you have an uneven flow or an improper mixture of fuel and air in your engine.

The Fuel Filter is probably the most important part of your car, it's the thing that makes your car go vroom vroom ! Be sure you take care of it.