Get A Good Car Deal !

We all know that those car dealership sales people can be pretty convincing and pushy beyond belief - my mom always warns me about them, and I feel that I should warn you. Here are 5 pretty good tips when it comes to getting a good car deal:

5. Shop At The Right Time Of Year
It’s pretty much a cliché to say that the best time of year to buy a car is in early fall because that’s right before the newer models come out. It would make sense though because people think that the dealers need to clear out their lots in order to have more space for their newer models - but this isn’t as true as people think it really is. A good time to go shopping for a car would be in either September or October.

Why? Because there’s enough newer models that out over the summer to make that a pretty decent buying period. If you know that the car you really want is coming out with a newer model, then that’s the time that you attack to get it and the fancy Wheels that come with it.

4. Buy A Good Car That’s Not Really Selling Well
Yes, this is a good one. Since we’re in a depression, people still are going to need cars but they’re not going to want to pay a lot for it, right? When you go shopping for a good car that’ at a low price, just make sure to do your research :

1. Look at the consumer report for the car that you plan on purchasing.
2. Look at the sales figures for the cars that do get good reviews.

3. Buy A Car Online
If you’d like, you can go on sites like Consumer Guide Automotive, CarsDirect, and AutoTrader (I personally like this one) so you can read car reviews, see what real owners have to say about their cars, and you can even look up local dealers to see what kind of price they have for the cars that you want.

If you’re really looking into buying your car online, then by all means buy it online!

2. Be An Informed Buyer
Before you even set foot onto a dealer parking lot, make sure that you have a pretty good idea of what you want - you might want to have a lot of the specifics nailed down. If you really want to get down to it, you should do your research on how much the dealership is paying for the car. It’s really unlikely that you can buy the car for less than the dealer’s cost .. plus, you don’t want to insult the dealer.

1. Treat The Salesperson With Some R E S P E C T
“Treat others the way that you want to be treated” - this is the most basic rule of buying a car. You have to realize that the only reason that they’re always pushy is because they’re trying to make a living and they’re just trying to earn money like you and me. If you make their life easier by being as nice as you can be, then they will gladly return the favor. If the salesperson sees that you have the knowledge that a good car buyer should have, then they will treat you with the utmost respect.