When I was coming back from Havasu earlier this year, I remember there being a group of people on their Motorcycles just racing back in the same direction that we were going. About a half an hour later, there was a bunch of traffic and no one knew why. Usually, on the two lane highway back to California from Havasu there is no traffic, so we were kind of anxious to just see what happened. When we finally saw it, we were devastated.

We arrived to the point in the highway where there was a Motorcycle Seat, the Headlights, and the rest of the bike all scattered in different places. There was a man in so much pain that you can feel it right when you looked at him. I can say that I will never forget.

Are Motorcycles dangerous? Is the Motorcycle Seat not safe enough for anyone to ride on? Including the driver? Let’s cover this controversial topic, shall we?

In 2005, the Mission Hospital had a total number of 176 Motorcycle crash victims admitted. About 1/3 of them, which is an approximate 59, had to be in ICU knowing that they can live anywhere from 53 days to just a couple of hours. The sad thing is that not all of these victims wore helmets like they were supposed to; just over 60% of them did what they were supposed to.

Because of this, there has been new helmet laws that have been put to effect in almost every state. This lets trauma surgeons research if the helmets really make a difference like most people say it does. When they finished the research, they were overwhelmed by what they found.

The research showed that the victims who had worn their helmets like they were supposed to were less susceptible to worse brain injuries. The research also stated that when they didn’t wear their helmets, their stay at the hospital would be longer. They were only right about one thing, the cost of care was more expensive for those people that didn’t wear helmets .. but I guess that’s logical, right? They concluded that when the people on Motorcycles do wear their helmets, it protects the brain better and it saves more lives compared to those people who do not wear helmets.

If you were to work in an emergency room, you’d know that they see cases like this almost everyday in the intensive care unit and in the trauma care unit. Motorcycles and Motorcycle Seats provide no security for the person driving it. It doesn’t have doors like a car, it doesn’t have a standard air bag like a car, and it’s so small that people cannot see you when they switch lanes - even if they think they did. Even the most smallest Motorcycle accidents can cause the most significant injuries to the human body and to the brain.

Here are some things that can lessen your chances of being in a motorcycle accident:
1. Take a course on Motorcycle Driving. You may think that driving a Motorcycle is just like riding a bike - it’s not.
2. Be diligent while riding. Make sure you’re always looking around and be sure that no one gets too close.
3. Wear leathers - it lessens the chance and intensiveness of scratches.
4. Always wear a helmet, no matter what. You read what can happen, so just wear it - even if it does mess up your hair.

I honestly hope this helps, be safe out there!