Slipping Clutch

The Clutch on your car (if it’s manual) can usually last for about 4-7 years; depending on where you usually drive & how you drive. Here are some signs to determine if you have a slipping Clutch :

1. Look to see if you’re getting poor gas mileage.

2. Take note to see if you find yourself needing to downshift more often when you go uphill.

3. Notice if your engine sounds like it’s revving when you start to accelerate; or even when you start moving forward from a stop.

4. Be sure you know if the Clutch can’t be adjusted to generate more pedal “free play”.

5. Pay attention to whether or not the Clutch pedal starts to feel stiff and it needs more force to depress it.

6. Make sure that the Clutch is adjusted properly. You should feel about .5 inch of slack at the Clutch pedal when you first put your foot on the Clutch pedal.

7. Put the hand brake on.

8. Turn on your engine.

9. Slowly depress the Clutch pedal & then put the transmission in fourth gear.

10. Slowly but surely let up the Clutch while stepping on the gas pedal.

11. If you can thoroughly release your Clutch pedal without your engine stalling, then you pretty much need to replace your Clutch .

Hope this Article Helped!