“Why Is Gas So High?”

I think this is a question that all of us are asking ourselves. Some other questions may include, “Can I fill up my Fuel Tank with something else?”, “Can I get a discount of some sort or something?” - these are the two main questions that run through my mind every time I go to the pump.

New York Gas Prices
In New York, gas prices have been going up for eight straight days in a row - this was the statistic that was recorded by CNNMoney.com on March 2, 2011. That same day (March 2), the average price that people pay for gas went up 1.2 cents. This means that people now pay $3.3387 per gallon - these numbers came from a survey that the motorist group from AAA conducted.

Gas prices in New York have jumped a total 23.6 cents in the past eight days. That’s way too much if you ask me.

Gas in Hawaii
As we all could have assumed by now, people in Hawaii are the ones that pay the most for their gas. They pay more for their Starbucks, so just imagine how much they pay per gallon for their gas.

The standard price that they pay for each gallon in their Fuel Tank is $3.803.

Gas Prices in California
By March 2, 2011, the gas prices in California have either been close to $4 dollars per gallon or they have been $4 dollars per gallon. Since there’s still so much going on in the Middle East, experts are saying that this doesn’t compare to the prices that we’re going to see in the future. "If it were to spread to Saudi Arabia, then oil prices would certainly skyrocket," U.C. Davis economist Christopher Knittel said.

This guy, Knittel, is a specialized transportation economist that also said “there's more upward pressure on prices from oil producers who hold back because they expect higher prices in the future. An oil producer can either sell it today or leave it in the ground and sell it at what they think the price is going to be next year.”

Different States Have Different Gas Prices
The reason why is because the local tax in different states is completely different. Since the price in crude oil hasn’t stopped going up, the prices in each state haven’t stopped going up either.

There’s no surprise that since gas prices are up and they’re more than likely to get higher, economists are warning all consumers to drive less than they already do and try to cut back on the things that they don’t need to buy. Let’s say for example a person needs Starbucks every morning; these consumers can go to the store, buy the Starbucks coffee that they sell and just brew it in the morning. They can use that money that they usually use for Starbucks as extra money that they can put in their Fuel Tank ! Or just as extra money that they might need for something else.

This is the first recorded time since 2008 that gas prices have been up over the $4 dollar mark. ChicagoTribune.com says that since the price of crude oil has just been going up and up, there have been protests breaking out to Yemen and Oman - this is one of the largest Middle Eastern producer outside of OPEC. There are some analysts that predict prices will come to below $100 dollars per barrel when Saudi Arabia starts to release supply from its very own reserves so they can make up for the shortfall that’s occurring in Libya.